Backup as easy as possible

I listen to a few tech podcasts. One of the best ones is ATP. A while ago they had Backblaze(referral link for ATP) as a sponsor. Backblaze is a company that offers offsite backups. They got a 15 days free trail with no credit card required, so I tried it.

As I’m serious about backups, I run multiple ones. Two at home (Time Capsule and a clone with SuperDuper) and one offsite backup (with CrashPlan). CrashPlan is nice and cheap, but the same goes for the actual backup app. It’s a java app which doesn’t look that good and behaves like any other java app on a Mac.

Backblaze is quite different. The guys behind it are former apple employees. It’s a native app which lives in your system settings and menu bar. After a while of testing I can say, that it’s super fast and as simple as a backup solution can be. It costs 5$ a month per user for unlimited space and you can also attach usb sticks or external hard drives which will explicitly be a part of the backup. They also offer an iPhone app with which you can access and recover all data from everywhere.

For now I’m going to run two offsite backups, but when my plan from CrashPlan ends, I’m thinking about just using Backblaze. I will see …

If you’ve got friends (or especially parents) not knowing how to backup and doesn’t won’t to worry about, just push them to Backblaze (there is
also a Windows version). Nether them nor you will have to worry about backups any more. You know the problems of “Yes I have a backup, but it run a year ago for the last time” ; )