Copy local files to Cloudcube (Heroku) with aws cli

Copy local files to Cloudcube (Heroku) with aws cli

When migrating from an existing setup with files to an external storage like Cloudcube (which is based on S3), you already will have files in your system. Unfortunately the Cloudcube interface doesn't support working with folders or renaming multiple files. But luckily there is a cli tool which does the job.

As I'm on Mac, I will use Homebrew to install the cli, and validate the version afterwards:

brew install awscli
aws --version

Then we configure the tool with the credentials you will get from Cloudcube. You need the url, id and key. Just run the following which will lead you through the setup:

aws configure

After setup you can simply run the following to upload all files to Cloudcube:

aws s3 cp source-folder s3://cloud-cube-eu/qcbkzeutsrod/ --recursive

qcbkzeutsrod is the id of your bucket (last part of the url). You can also define a subfolder after it to copy all files into it.

The process is quite stable and fast. Let me know if anyone knows how to connect to Cloudcube with Transmit. I haven't been able to get a connection running.