Generate file name including german umlauts in PHP

Generate file name including german umlauts in PHP

I build a download for a file where the filename is not the original one but should be dependent on the project name. But those projects contains special characters, so I needed a smarter function then just "remove spaces".

I came up with the following:

public function sanitizeFileName(string $fileName): string
    // Remove multiple spaces
    $fileName = preg_replace('/\s+/', ' ', $fileName);

    // Replace spaces with hyphens
    $fileName = preg_replace('/\s/', '-', $fileName);

    // Replace german characters
    $germanReplaceMap = [
        'ä' => 'ae',
        'Ä' => 'Ae',
        'ü' => 'ue',
        'Ü' => 'Ue',
        'ö' => 'oe',
        'Ö' => 'Oe',
        'ß' => 'ss',
    $fileName = str_replace(array_keys($germanReplaceMap), $germanReplaceMap, $fileName);

    // Remove everything but "normal" characters
    $fileName = preg_replace("([^\w\s\d\-])", '', $fileName);

    // Remove multiple hyphens because of contract and project name connection
    $fileName = preg_replace('/-+/', '-', $fileName);

    return $fileName;

I tried multiple options to replace the german characters like iconv, mb_convert_encoding and more. But with none of those I got the result I wished for. If you know a smarter version that works: Let me know :)