Getting a symfony project running on uberspace

I really like the german hoster uberspace. They have a great setup, awesome documentation (only in german) and an amazing support team. This is a small introduction how you get your symfony project running on their system.

1 ) Composer

I found a great introduction how to get composer running on uberspace here. In short this are the steps:

$ nano ~/.profile

Add the following line:

export $PATH=$PATH:~/bin
$ source ~/.profile
$ curl -s | php -- --install-dir=bin
$ mv ~/bin/composer.phar ~/bin/composer

Check with:

$ composer about

2 ) Git

I use Bitbucket for my projects as they offer unlimited private projects. For an easy deployment I create a own ssh key on uberspace and add it as a deployment key (repository settings) to the repository.

$ ssh-keygen

When it asks for a file in which to safe the key I enter “bitbucket”. You can set a password for the file.

Then create new file called “config” in the “.ssh” folder and add the following content:

Host bitbucket.orgIdentityFile ~/.ssh/bitbucket

Add the deployment key to the repository.

Clone the repository to uberspace (include the dot at the end):

$ git clone .

3 ) Symfony

Install with composer:

$ composer install

Change document root:

$ ln -s /var/www/virtual/youruser/html/web/ /var/www/virtual/youruser/

4 ) Move to production

Insert into /web/.htacess

RewriteBase /

Run the following commands:

$ php app/console cache:clear --env=prod --no-debug$ php app/console assets:install --symlink$ php app/console assetic:dump

Let’s run it