Issues when moving from Tumblr to Ghost

First of all, there is a really easy way to move from Tumblr to Ghost.

Migrating from Tumblr to Ghost

Unfortunately this way has a few issues you should be aware of advance

  • Wrong line breaks: There will be many line breaks where there shouldn't be any. I guess it's depending on the size of your ghost editor layout. For any reason they get inserted which results in you having to remove them afterwards.
  • If one of your links is cut through one of those line breaks, your link in markdown will break (or at least in your editor window, it will work on the frontend part)
  • Tags are also imported, but they will be written with first letter in uppercase and the rest in lowercase. I didn't have that many. So I used a gui tool for sqlite database editing and just changed the name field in the table tags.
  • Links get strong markup when they are the only content in one paragraph
  • Sometimes the first space character after a link sometimes get removed