Learning with Team Treehouse

There are a lot of systems which offer video courses about development, design and other IT specific topics. A good German based for example is called Video2Brain. When searching for a good introduction into Swift (other than the Apple developer documentation) I stubled upon a course from Team Treehouse.

I tried a few systems (like Video2Brain, Lynda, ...), but Team Treehouse is by far the best. They don't have a library as big as Lynda yet, but the videos they have are much higher in quality and much more up to date. For example they already have 7 courses for Swift (including 3 with GUI) and one more in planning. Also there site is in a way better design and the videos have very nice animations.

They have a 14 days free trail and I would encourage everyone to just try it.

Disclaimer: The link to Team Treehouse is a referal link