Set login path for Vagrant ssh

Set login path for Vagrant ssh

When working with vagrant and logging into the VM with vagrant ssh, you will start in the usual home directory of the vagrant user. But in a usual project you want to start in the root of your project. One option to achive this is to add extra arguments to the Vagrantfile configuration and put in a command to change directory to the path you want to go to:

config.ssh.extra_args = ["-t", "cd /var/www/your-project/current; bash --login"]

You will just have a problem when you're running commands directly to vagrant ssh, for example:

vagrant ssh "php bin/console doc:mig:mig -n"

This won't work anymore. The other variant would be to add the same change directory command to the bash configuration:

[[ ! `grep "cd /var/www/your-project/current" /home/vagrant/.bashrc` ]] && echo "cd /var/www/your-project/current" >> /home/vagrant/.bashrc