Show more then 15 posts in RSS in Ghost

I use ghostHunter to provide a search for this Ghost blog. ghostHunter uses the RSS feed to fill the search. Unfortunately there are only the last 15 posts in the RSS feed.

Update 0.7.2

With 0.7.2 the file path has changed again to ghost/core/server/models/plugins/pagination.js.


In the meantime the location of this configuration has changed. Now you have to open the file ghost/core/server/models/base/pagination.js and update the limit here:

defaults = {
    page: 1,
    limit: 15

Before the update

There is a post in the Ghost forum where they show how to increase the amount of posts in the RSS feed.

Just change the limit in ghost/core/server/models/post.js

opts = _.extend({
	page: 1, // pagination page
	limit: 15,
	staticPages: false, // include static pages
	status: 'published'
}, opts);

This setting will be overwritten with an update. I'm still searching for a solution for that.