Show notification when PHPUnit tests are done in iTerm

I've got a few thousand unit tests in a project which I run with PHPUnit. Running them can take quite a while. I run them through and ant command though the Mac app iTerm. Running them takes quite a while.

There is a nice way to be notified as soon as the tests run through, so you're not forced to stare on the console window the hole time or just work on something else in the meantime.

iTerm supports Triggers which you can set under Settings => Profiles => Advanced => Triggers. You can use a regex there and use Send Growl Alert as action. In growl you can just pipe all notifications through to the notification center if you want to.

iTerm does not support native OSX notifications but you can still use actions like Bounce Dock Icon, Ring Bell or Show Alert if you don't have Growl installed.

There is also a way to do it without Growl.