Symfony code analysis done right

Everyone working with symfony should know the company SensioLabs. It’s the geniuses behind symfony and they are innovating like crazy. There newest (and for me most amazing) product is called SensioLabsInsight.
It’s the code analysis tool I never knew I wanted, but can’t live without any more.

It’s not just another checklist (although they have that), but a tool which actually checks everything itself

  • directly from Github (or any other accessible git repository, even private ones)
  • automatically
  • with ratings
  • with versioning
  • with descriptions why something is wrong the way you do it and how you can fix it

Only downside? It’s a beta right now. But you can still use it for you projects and as it is still a beta yet, you can test it for free.

I learned a lot about clean code just from using the tool and analyzing and thereafter improving my code. I can just encourage every symfony developer to try SensioLabsInsight.