Sync PHPStorm settings with team

PHPStorm is an awesome IDE. I use it at work and at home. One of the things that make it awesome is the possibility to customize every single detail. But of course the settings on different instances of the IDE differ more and more over time. Even more extrem will be the differences within a developer team.

But there is a solution for this problem. Although you probably won’t get it to work for a whole team (because they won’t all commit to one standard), you can still use it for your own IDE instances.

The solution is called Settings Repository and it's a simple plugin.

After you install the plugin, you just need to setup a new git repository (for example on Github) and connect it with PHPStorm. In the Settings Repository settings [1] you enter the url to your git repository and run Overwrite Remote. The plugin will transfer all settings to your git repository. From now on you’re able to pull, push or merge your settings.

You can find additional information here.

  1. File => Settings Repository... ↩︎