Using Loom to backup images from all my devices


Loom was bought by Dropbox and isn't available as a service any more.

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Using Loom to backup images from all my

For months I run multiple backups on my Mac - which of course includes images - but this is kind of a problem for images made with my iPhone or iPad. Without regular syncing of those devices with my Mac, the images aren’t on there and therefore are not included into the backup. Not to mention that there is no way to view all images in one place from where ever you are.

But I finally found a solution. It’s called Loom and is a place to backup all images and videos from all devices. It’s free for up to 5GB of storage. After that you can upgrade to 50GB or 250GB.

Or like Loom puts it:

Loom is a personal photo and video cloud storage solution. Access and manage your entire photo and video library on every device. More space to play.

I’ve tried it on all my devices and it runs fast in the background and is very easy to setup. I can just recommend it when you have an iPhone or an iPad and want to protect you images.


The link is a referral link. Please use it when register for loom ; ) We will both receive an additional 500MB of free space.